The Journey


Greetings!  Welcome to Pat Patterson Creatives.  I hope you enjoy my work, as seen through my 'lens within’.  I'm excited to present my more popular photography note cards online.  

These collections are top sellers at my ‘in person’ exhibits. With all that's happening around us, I hope to help spread some love, peace and hope around the world, as you send the cards to your friends, family and others.  My cards have made it as far away as Australia and Europe. It is the perfect time to buy and send some love! Take the time to stop, take a breath, relax, think and handwrite a card ~ it's a wonderful experience, I promise you.

My goal is to share the beauty, exciting colors, forms, shapes, the feelings that I experience as I travel about and capture 'the magic' with my cameras - with viewers everywhere.  

Many customers say they keep these ‘mini art pieces’ and frame them for their own collection.  The images will be available as enlargements later this year.

About my business and journey:
Pat Patterson Creatives, my photography business, was started as an idea several years ago, and truly blossomed after my career in the corporate world, where I assisted small businesses. An entrepreneur myself, I wanted to fully explore my creative side, which was limited during my career. I had always been an artist and a ‘maker of things’ since childhood, encouraged by my parents and others. I moved into photography in the late 80’s. I love to write as well.

As a fine arts and professional photographer, I exhibited my artwork at many shows in San Francisco and East Bay area galleries and open studios. While showing my large artwork, I decided to create photography note cards of the same art, as an affordable option for prospective customers. They were well received.  

I then decided to create an online presence, to make it easier for folks to view and buy my cards and art and also read my written pieces. Voila Pat Patterson Creatives!

A proud moment I’d like to share is my collection of barbershop and beauty salon images. I was honored to exhibit it at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA, in a mixed media show called "Barbershops & Beauty Salons - The Good Hair vs. Bad Hair Smackdown”. Their gallery was transformed into a salon/barbershop, complete with shampoo bowl, barber’s chair and was very well received. See link from the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper’s “Datebook”:

What keeps me inspired? Continually exploring and trekking the world around me and sharing with others like you. I’ve had interesting reactions and interpretations of my work and I love receiving feedback. Please write to me at  

Thank you! Pat Patterson

(Photo credit: Duane Conliffe)