The Journey


Greetings!  Welcome to Pat Patterson Creatives.  I hope you enjoy my work, as seen through my 'lens within’.  I'm excited to present my more popular photography note cards online.  

I am a professional photographer, storyteller, artist & maker. I live in Oakland, California and capture a diverse spectrum of subjects. Everything 'art' interests me, from photography (fine art, commercial, portraits) to collage, mixed media, pen & ink, drawing and painting.

I exhibit at local galleries and events.  My photography centers around florals, objects, places, people and night photo abstracts. I'm compelled by patterns, negative space, lines, shapes and odd situations will stop me: such as a tattered wig that's landed in an intersection, or a rustic fallen fence in the snow. I will easily brake for good subject material.

I’ve exhibited at The Art of the African Diaspora (AOTAD) & East Bay Open Studios for years. I love capturing musicians especially and others focused and doing things with their hands, e.g., a group of bakers all rolling bread dough at 5 in the morning, priceless experiences.

I’m primarily self-taught and have taken courses through the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area. I won the AOTAD Artistic Achievement Award in 2006, for my photograph “Parade”.

I was the solo artist, exhibiting my journalistic travels with “Barbershops & Beauty Salons” - 17 large photos I captured of Oakland’s older black barbershops and hair salons; colorful, compelling scenes of our rich culture and unique tools of the trade. See link from the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper’s “Datebook”

My parents clearly inspired me at an early age, buying me an oil paint set and teachers reinforced things asking to design/paint the school cafeteria’s mural in 6th grade. To this day, I love inspiring kids and adults to pick up cameras, or a paintbrush and take the plunge. Try me if you need inspiration!

I created my note card business years ago, providing my supporters mini versions of my larger framed art pieces. Many frame the cards as art.

Contact me: or 510.499.3392.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Pat Patterson

(photo credit: Duane Conliffe)